HP Printer Setup Mac Wireless


hp printer setup mac

First of all, switch on your printer and go to the control panel. The next thing that we are going to do is to press and hold the wireless button. You can see the blue light blinking  and the cancel button and wait for the power button to blink so now we can release the buttons.  Power button is blinking.  Printer has entered into the setup mode. Now we are going to connect it to the wi-Fi of our home network. The next step is to go to mac operating system.

You will see a screen will come up and that shows the name of your printer. You can see here HP Dexter-600 all-in-one printer series Here we go to install the software and you see drivers and firmware. In this section you will see old drivers option and in that you see easy setup effortless printing and it says get the app so click on the app.

It will take you to the app store and you need to download this HP smart app so click download on that and once you download the app it should come up here as you can see HP smart. Now open the HP smart app and make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi of your office as you can see so just click on the Wi-Fi of your office and you will see this plus button in the center just click on that it will search for the present printer. We can see it says HP Dexter MODEL-NAME series printer click on that and you get option in the end to continue.

On the next page you will see the Wi-Fi network of your home or office and printer now you need to add the Wi-Fi password so enter the password of your office rooter and click continue. There are a few stages it might take sometimes you first it will find the printer now preparing the printer obtaining printed information and finish connections now you can see the final confirmation it says here like you will see this mark that means it is connected so press continue just continue and you can enter the name, address details to register your product so press continue now you can enter some details like the postcode and detail now it will come up with page which says to share a link if you want to download this printer to some other devices then you can share this link if not then just click or not now the final confirmation will come up like setup is complete. Now once you click on the printer and scanner so it will come up with this section we need to add this printer so that we can use it so click on the plus button and you will see add printer and scanner now you will see here this name of you printer. Click on add button now your printer is added you can see it this is the green light it says the printer is connected and that’s the name of the printer now I’m going to scan and show you how to do the scan and show you how to do the scanning so open scanner now I will place one document inside the scanner I have placed it and now I’m going to click on scan so you  can see the scan has came up and now I’m going to turn the page to other side and add more scan in that so you can see it has scanned it wireless through your home Wi-Fi network so that’s the way we can connect easily and use this printer

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