How to Fix Brother Printer Color Calibration not working issue?

Why My Brother Printer Color Calibration is not working?

If you are looking for Brother Printer Color Calibration? Colour settings can be done in the custom settings dialogue box of the Windows printer driver or in the Effect dialogue of the Mac OS X CUPS printer driver.

But this feature is available in the Windows printer driver. Not available in the BR-Script3 printer drivers of Windows and Mac OS X.

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Brother Printer Color Calibration
Brother Printer Color Calibration

How to fix colour calibration is not working in Brother Printer

To calibrate the colours on the printer, Few steps you may implement at your end. If still, you don’t find your problem is solved you can call us anytime. Because we are here to help you.

  1. Check the current colour tone and then Adjust colour settings. After this open the Custom Settings dialogue or the Effect dialogue.

For Windows printer driver:

  • Open Printing Preferences then Click the Basic tab.
  • Choose Manual from the Document Type drop-down list Settings.
  • The Custom Settings dialogue box is open.

For Mac OS X CUPS printer driver:

  • Open Print dialogue. Do one of the following:
  • Choose Print Settings from the pane pop-up menu.
  • Click the Advanced tab and after that Go to Settings
  1. Choose Color Settings from the pane pop-up menu and then
  2. Click Advanced Color Settings
  3. After this Adjust the colour settings with reference then Click OK

Things Required

To use Brother printer web-based colour calibration following are required:

  • The printer is connected via the Ethernet port.
  • The TCP/IP address of the printer
  • For more information on setting the IP
  • Address click here.
  • A computer with access to the network and web browser software.
  • The BR-Script printer driver is installed on your computer.

Services are provided for various versions:

  • DCP-J132N + printer drivers Linux ubuntu Birmingham
  • DCP-J132W + printer service locations Rochester
  • J137N + printer drivers Linux mint Richmond
  • DCP-J140W printer drivers Linux download Spokane


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