What are the steps for brother dcp t300 wifi setup?

Are you looking for a way to connect a Brother printer to a wireless network? This troubleshooting post will walk you through the steps necessary to configure the brother dcp t300 wifi setup on Mac and Windows 10.

Connecting a Brother printer to a wireless network is not complicated; just follow the instructions in our comprehensive user guide.

brother dcp t300 wifi setup
brother dcp t300 wifi setup

How to fix brother dcp t300 wifi setup

How to connect a Brother printer to a wireless network – Configure a Brother printer to connect to a wireless network
However, it is critical to collect information about the device you are now using. As a result, we’ve included some short information on the Brother dcp t300 Printer.

Brother dcp-t300 printer Introduction:- This section contains information on the Brother DCPT-300 inkjet printers that are now available on the market.

  • It outputs up to 50 pages of 80 gsm plain paper.
  • It holds 100 sheets of 80 gsm paper in its tray.
  • Brother DCP-300 is available in three different weights: 7.0 kg, 7.1 kg, and 8.3 kg.
  • The Brother DCP-t300 can print up to 20 pages per 80 gsm A 4 or Letter size sheet of paper.
  • You may print the image on a variety of different kinds of paper.
  • As an example, there is Plain Paper, Inkjet Paper, and Glossy Paper.
  • Additionally, it is available in a variety of paper sizes, including A 4, Legal, Executive, Letter, JIS B 5, A 5, A 6, Envelopes, Photo (10 15 cm), Photo 2 L, and Index Card.

How to Configure the Brother DCP-T300?

Prior to beginning the wireless setup, ensure that you have finished the initial setup of your Brother printer.

  1. Following that, configure your wireless router or access point.
  2. Then verify that your WiFi router’s signal strength is enough.
  3. Connect your computer to the network through a network cable.
  4. What steps need to be performed to connect Brother t300 to a wireless network?
  5. After ensuring that the above prerequisites are met, connect your Brother printer setup to the WiFi network in the manner shown below.
  6. We have divided this task into three sections to facilitate your comprehension.

The First Section

  • Navigate to the Menu or Settings area of your device’s home screen.
  • By clicking the Up or Down arrows on your website, you may go down to the Settings area.
  • Select the Network WAN Configuration Wizard WAN Enable or WAN Enable.
  • Then, following the instructions on how to connect Brother DCP T 300 printer to WiFi, your Brother printer will search for accessible wireless networks within its range.

Part 2 From the presented list of SSIDs.

  • Select the wireless network with which you want to connect your Brother printer.
  • When you’ve entered the wireless network address, click the OK button.
  • After that, input the correct wireless network address and then click the OK button.

Third section

Now, just wait for your Brother printer to connect to the wireless network of your choice.

  • Now, on your Windows or Mac computer, run to install the Brother DCP T 300 printer driver software.
  • Confirm that the connection type is Wireless — During the software installation procedure for your Brother printer, confirm that the connection type is Wireless.
  • Finally, after completing the instructions for connecting the Brother DCP T 300 printer to WiFi, you may try printing on the wireless network.

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